Reaching a common solution through everyone’s input.


Part of a lesson or a complete session.


  • Step 1: the class is divided into groups of 4 pupils.
  • Step 2: Each group receives a sheet of paper. They draw a rectangle in the centre. This is the space for consensus. Students then draw lines from the corners of the rectangle to the corners of the sheet of paper. These four fields belong to each individual learner.
  • Step 3: students are given a task/question/exercise. Everyone writes their answer individually in one corner of the sheet.
  • Step 4: Afterwards, the group members compare what they have written and try to come to a common answer. They argue their answers and listen to others.
  • Step 5: the students write their consensus answer in the rectangle in the centre.


  • The students are given a video and have to agree on a business card at the beginning and a credits card at the end, as well as a music, a filter and a 3D effect, using the Photos video editor.
  • For questions or problems for which several solutions are possible.
  • List the advantages of using computers in the classroom.
  • How have the laws of physics influenced voyages of discovery?