Quickly and efficiently check answers to questions or tasks where there is only one correct answer. Saves time when reviewing. Suitable for short jobs.


Part of a lesson.


  • Step 1: students carry out the task individually.
  • Step 2: students work in pairs to compare their own answers with those of the other student. In case of different answers, look for the correct answer.
  • Step 3 (optional): if appropriate, compare the answers again with a different pair.
  • Step 4: classroom testing. Either the teacher provides a template of correct answers for students to correct themselves. Or the teacher clarifies only those questions on which the pairs could not agree.


  • In the Figma application, after explaining the tools available, students are provided with images of designs and have to identify which Figma tool has been used to construct them.
  • In languages, students complete a grammar exercise and correct it in pairs.